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We are the SGA Election Team, and we are here to change your idea about elections.


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Chances are you and your friends decided to skip out on the polls last year. Why? Well our elections get a bad rap, thanks to rumors, mis-information, and well, politics. You’re a student, you have a voice, and we want you to use it. By voting for SGA elections, you help make an impact on not only you and your peers, but WVU students for decades to come. We are going to show you how that process works, but lets learn a bit about each other, shall we?
Less than 10% of eligible voters voted last year in our election (9.6 to be exact). From our perspective, thats terrifying, because SGA may have more influence to you as a student than you ever realized. What does SGA even do? It doesnt affect me, right? My friends say elections are a big popularity contest, is that true? These are all probably questions you ask yourself, and with good reason, as plenty of gossip, and mis-information is spread around election time. Those questions however, get answered here.  
So let’s take a deeper look at our organization, and learn in how voting for next year’s Board of Governors can be one of the best ways to  influence your time here at WVU.

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Hey, we did too. (Kaskade was crazy right?)  Anyway, it turns out that Fall Fest started as a SGA initiative (circa 1997), and not to sound conceited, but we think its a pretty good party.    
It’s pretty clear we know how to have fun, but thats not the only thing WVU SGA has been a part of. In fact there are a ton of student facilities here on campus that started out as a simple idea from an SGA meeting. Want to see what we’re talking about? Keep scrolling.  

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Thinking of accomplishments…

A Few
They’re Kind of a big deal.

The Rec

The year is 2001, and the WVU Student Rec Center is opening its doors for the first time. With over a decade in service, SGA is proud to call “The Rec” a joint initiative with the university. SGA Governors imagined it as a place to have fun, and we couldn’t imagine the Evansdale campus any other way.

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The Maniacs

Yep, thats right, what you know as the Mountaineer Maniacs, started out as an idea from the Student Government Association. It’s now the premiere student group for Mountaineer Sports, and it’s where you’ll find us on gameday.

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New Student Health Center

In 2014, WVU Students will become a little healthier, as we will open our new 50,800 square foot facility housing the WELLWVU, Acute Medicine, and Carruth Center. (Pretty sweet right? Yea, just doing our job.) The three story facility is another SGA brain child, and with your support we will keep the projects coming.

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Well, 60k is the total annual budget of open grant money given to student organizations at WVU. Meaning that you and your student organization are able to apply for grants to help you out financially. This is the largest part of SGA’s budget, and is something the association is actively pursing to increase! Meaning we want to give you and your organization more money! (We promise we aren’t crazy, we just want to help out)

Who do you trust to make sure you receive your grants? Who will you elect to increase this funding? The idea alone is worth voting, but thankfully there is more to us than just money.

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You’re almost ready to vote! Now its time to learn about the candidates, attend (or read our post-live blog) of the debate, and then cast your vote! 

Voting Locations:

The Rec 

The Mountainlair  

Polls Open: February 26th -28th 



Our Blog

From our blog, we will be covering all your election information, from debates to candidate interviews. We are here to work for you.

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From our Twitter we will be launching social polls during debates and the campaign weeks. How do you vote? By replying with a designated hashtag that the poll suggests. You’ll see, its going to be fun. 

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